"Jesus, warm my hardened heart..."

Starting in September of 2021, we will be offering a nine-month program of spiritual exercise for those wanting to increase their openness to the Holy Spirit.  Spiritual exercise refers to all the tried means we have to make contact with God (prayer, devotion, meditation, etc.).

The program will be weekly group meetings with Pastor Pike, followed by a guided program of individual prayer at home.  

The exercises are in four parts:

Part I: God's creative love and our rejection of it through sin. God's reconciling mercy in Christ.

Part II: The life of Jesus: beginnings through the public ministry.

Part III: The passion, crucifixion and death of Jesus.

Part IV: The risen Christ and the world renewed by Easter.

Who should apply?

Any person who is open to growing in love by being placed in the presence of God through prayer.  Take a moment and offer this simple prayer: "God, are you calling me to this time with you?"

Fill out the form below, if you are interested in the work.

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